Plexiglass Engraving


Plexiglas Engraving

The best method is laser cut plexiglass because the singing does not need sanding.Song remains perfectly shiny with no trace of scratch or defect. Especially for your cast acrylic is the material most resistant of all points of view for any type of application.
We charge Plexiglas or acrylic in any form and in any sizes according to customer requirement. So thick and there are no limits to cutting.
Engraving can be done after any type of file vector and has a matte finish. To dye engraving is filled with colorful acrylic paint special.
Engraving on plexiglass leave a matte finish on transparent materials. Used on special acrylic plexiglass laser engraving can have different colors.
ENGRAVING MXDESIGN provides Services of bending plexiglass and edge polishing plexiglass. Also we have the technology industry for grinding small pieces of Plexiglas used in jewelry, textiles or furniture, for example, buckles, buttons or other ornaments

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